What is Labbel Arabic ?
What is Labbel Arabic ?

Labbel is an electronic language battery in Arabic. This language battery has been created for the cognitive assessment and the rehabilitation of young and adult Arabic-speakers.

It includes 41 oral and written language tasks distributed over 9 modules: matching, copying, lexical decision, dictation, discrimination, morpho-semantic judgment, reading and repetition.

Labbel is a tool for the assessment and the rehabilitation of developmental dyslexia, acquired dyslexia as well as acquired disorders of oral speech in aphasia and dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT).

Oral and written instructions are presented in English. This makes it possible for non- Arabic speakers to assess their patients. A report of the results for non-oral tasks can be easily accessed through a printout.

All Arabic language tasks take into account the linguistic characteristics of Arabic. The reading tasks are available in two different versions: one with diacritics and one without diacritics. The written naming and copying tasks could be done using a virtual Arabic keyboard

Labbel’s authors are two university researchers in Linguistics and Speech Therapy who have published several articles about the assessment of Arabic-speaking patients with oral and communication disorders.